The research has been in for a while: “A 125-lb. person burns an average of 600 calories in an hour of kickboxing, according to Harvard Health Publications. In the same amount of time, someone who weighs 155 lbs. can burn 744 calories kickboxing, and a 185-lb. person burns 888 calories” If calorie burn in a short amount of time doesn’t excite you then never fear, there are several other reasons why… why you need to be doing kickboxing workouts

It’s Not Just Cardio

Kickboxing workouts are way more than moving through “air resistance”. You come intact with a heavy bag, use your body weight off the ground and whip limbs through the air at high velocity to make impact. The insane thing is that when you have completed your session you will still burn calories for hours later as your muscles rehab. So the return on investment is pretty darn good: 45-1 hour kickboxing + Afterburn = 12-24 hours of extended burn. This time line set your up for another workout and another day of destroying fat.

Mentally Challenging

Too many times your brain is not engaged with your exercise. It’s one of the main reasons why many people fail in fitness. They feel like they are putting in time at the gym but while they may be present physically they are absent mentally. Ex: watching Tv on treadmill, reading a book on a bike machine, spending more time bench sitting browsing instagram…etc . When your brain has to process exact movement to your limbs and follow quick commands you realize that this is what connecting mind to body looks like. Here’s an example of class with punches and kicks….and sweat 🙂

Self Defense Skills

It goes without saying that the world is a dangerous place and we see more brazen violence today than ever before. Before kickboxing and self defense training I thought I was a pretty bad dude. I was in shape, played football and lacrosse (loved big contact) and was one of the strongest guys on my athletic teams even into college. I imagined that if I was ever confronted with a truly serious situation I would channel some Jet Li, Jason Statham moves even though I had never practiced. When I learned to punch I realized I had never known how to strike. Now I combine my striking training with the COBRA reality based defense training and am very confident. I encourage every age, fitness level and gender to do the same.

The Destruction of Fat Guaranteed

Total body movements at the right intensity will guarantee fat melt. The coupling of the high intensity rounds with after-burn like discussed above really make kickboxing the ultimate weapon against fat storage on the body. See, fat is simply stored energy that your body doesn’t know what to do with right now so it saves those extra calories you took in at dinner around your waistline for later. Kickboxing begins to target those fat storage centers on the body because by the 4th round you need that energy and your body says: “Hey I have some! Let’s burn this!” We have seen 6-10 lbs of weight loss and 7-9 inches lost in as little as 21 days. It’s not easy but yeah, Whoa.

The Gear You’ll Need

Boxing gloves, hand wraps a place to train (Or a heavy bag setup at home) and a set of workout clothes. That’s it! Gloves and wraps could run you anywhere from $40 – $150. I recommend starting with a simple set of gloves and if you stick with it upgrading to a more quality pair. Gloves are like shoes and you’ll want a pair that is durable but shows your style right?   These Venum gloves are a good place to start. There are some different styles too on Amazon with prime shipping Keep your wraps simple. Don’t get the 180 inch version get the shorter 108s and they’ll do just fine. You’re not getting in the ring anytime soon. Here are some Everlast wraps The studio you choose will become like home so choose wisely. There are some astronomical price points out there but also very affordable options. Depending on the hours, location and amenities you need you’ll want to do your research. Obviously, MA Fitness is great in Pinellas County, FL and boasts the lowest kickboxing rates for the amount of classes offered  with memberships from $59- $85/mo. You can try a free class at one of the local locations in St Pete, Clearwater or Pinellas Park Or you may want to get your own heavy bag for the garage. BEWARE. This always seems like a great idea and then in 3 months it has dust on it from getting ZERO use. Be honest with yourself and ask if you have the internal motivation to workout alone. Most people don’t but if you do then a short heavy bag easily hung from a beam will do the trick. There are several workout videos or MP3s you can find that can help you with command structure. Happy Kickboxing!
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