Who Are You Trusting With Your Body?

I’m just gonna say it.

I hate blogging. The fact that anyone can create a blog and post their opinions (most of the time as facts) is a terrible part of this age in which we live. However, if it means that I can get some truth to you at home then I will do it. Since I am doing it though I am doing it my way.  You won’t see any long and overdone writings of my pondering on useless facts or ideas. No need to make you sift through countless paragraphs and slowly get to a huge climax and I won’t warming you up before I slip a gigantic truth into the mix so it’s easier to swallow. So here it is. YOU HAVE BEEN TRUSTING THE WRONG PEOPLE WITH YOUR MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITIES. Your body. Your health. Your safety. The good news it that it’s not all your fault.

Due to the easy access to blog creation, slick marketing tools, and inviting color schemes there are “part-time professionals” who would have you believe that they hold the golden keys to success in a certain field. The worst thing you can do to yourself is get caught up in the flashy sideshows and overlook the substance, real knowledge and experience level of these people that are offering you amazing success, which usually comes at a very discounted price that will lure you in. Sadly there are more of these people then actual professionals and you will come in contact with them often. These encounters can be devastating to your fitness journey if you let too much misinformation get through. So what can you do? Here are some quick points to help you start realizing simple tell-tale signs of a masquerading “part-time professional” and adjust your sights to something better.

1. They reference Youtube, at home workout videos (P90x, etc) and Wii fitness as their sources

Don't settle for bad fitness

Beware bad fitness trainers!!

2. They have no professional fitness network or current ties to an established organization

3. They have no history of training with others

4. They constantly refer to their “transformation” story

5. They have no sport or fitness accomplishments

6. They have no supporting cast with them (Other instructors, group leaders, etc)

7. They have no certifications or degrees

8. They are not in shape

9. You never actually see them working out

10. They seem like they make up answers to more specific questions

11. Their workouts are all taken from Men’sHealth.com

12. All of their Instagram fitness pics are at the local $10/mo gym down the street

13. They don’t seem open to answering any of your questions

14. They have never been recognized by other professionals or an actual news outlet. 

15. They do not display a consistent professional demeanor and appearance (This includes social media sites)

Well that’s a start. Be aware of those part-time professionals and seek out the best for your body, health and safety. DO NOT SETTLE for an average or cheap fix in 2016. They do not work and never have. Join a place that will work with you in a professional way to make sure you reach your goals.

I’m going to try writing more. Who knows, I may begin to like it (unlikely..) but even if I don’t maybe I can get some material to you that will make you think and possibly make you laugh.

Stay positive, be aware and “Fight for your Fitness”.

St Pete self defense and fitness

Matt DiPietro is the Owner/Manager at MA Fitness, certified COBRA Self Defense Instructor, Kickboxing Instructor, ACTION 10 Week Weight Loss Creator/Coach, Former college athlete and current father. “Fight For Your Fitness”





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