Kickboxing class done – cue the insatiable hunger.

I don’t know about you, but nothing revs up my appetite quite like cardio. I head home, open the refrigerator and think, “I’ll just heat up these healthy foods I meal prepped because I am a health goddess,” which I do… right before consuming an entire box of granola, 3 oreos, a container of chicken that might have been my roommate’s, and a small bag of trail mix I got on Halloween 4 years ago.

What? You’re saying you can’t relate? OKAY SURE.

Not only because of the insatiable hunger but also because of goals and such, post-workout nutrition can play a big role in your health. Especially if you have specific goals of fat loss or muscle gain, what you eat after you work out can make or break your progress.

The basic formula: carbs + protein

Your post workout meal should be made up of carbs and protein. Now, this is the opposite of saying, “I just worked out, so I need to eat more calories and it totally doesn’t matter if I order pancakes AND a waffle because I need to replenish my carbs.” I know your tricks BECAUSE I INVENTED THEM.

We’re looking for a good balance of carbs from healthy sources, with a nice little boost of protein as well. We don’t really need fats after a workout, so let’s skip them for now. Here are some of my favorite post-workout meal examples:

  • protein shake with a banana
  • 2 eggs and 2 pieces of whole grain toast
  • 4 oz of chicken breast and a small sweet potato

These simple meals can help you build some smokin’ hot muscle, and will replenish the glycogen stores (aka your muscles’ energy) that you just depleted. Even if you want to lose weight, post-workout nutrition is still important! You should never skip meals after working out, because your body don’t like that and it’s not good for you. Do what’s good for you! And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do what I say.

OH MY GOODNESS we didn’t even cover when you should eat after a workout. DON’T FREAK OUT – it’s another super simple answer: within one hour. Refuel your muscles within an hour after working out and you’re good to go! If you need a protein shake on the go then give this Organic one a try. It’s cheapest on amazon for the quantity

In summary:

  • Eat protein + carbs
  • Within one hour of working out
  • Do what I say

If nutrition is tough (and let’s be honest, it always is), consider signing up for our 8 week challenge. Not only do you get kickboxing GALORE, you also get a lot of nutrition help. We’ll work with you on a food log, help you reach your goals, and do the dang thing! As always, ask us if you have any questions and we’re happy to help.