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What to Buy: Taser or Stun Gun?

So you’ve been considering a weapon for self defense but you don’t feel comfortable with a gun. Tasers and stun guns are a great non-lethal option for those with safety concerns. There are significant differences in both weapons so you will need to know what expect and look for in a product. There are a ton of options out there and most are very similar with variations in design and wattage. I’ll highlight a few in this article to make your search a little easier as you do your research.

**Note that a Taser requires a handgun permit to carry in Public. You can read more about the requirements here on Criminal Defense Lawyer**

You’ll want to do your due diligence when it comes to selecting the right self defense tool.

  1. Do you have kids in the house or are they able to access it if you are carrying?
  2. Do you want to carry your weapon outside the house?
  3. Will you be aware enough and ready to draw the weapon against another individual?
  4. Are you aware of your state self defense laws?

I highly recommend doing some sort of hand to hand training with a reality based self defense instructor in order to cover all your bases when it comes to operation of your weapon and retention. ANY WEAPON CAN BE TAKEN FROM YOU AND USED AGAINST YOU. Learning how to use your hands, elbows, knees and feet to defend yourself is vital. COBRA Defense is a reputable self defense provider that has locations nationwide and even internationally. They teach hand to hand close quarters combat to moms, teens, kids in addition to security teams and safety personnel.  So the training at all levels is very effective and professional.


Taser Pulse W/2 Cartridges

This is the highest rated taser on Amazon and for good reason. It comes ready to use right out of the box. This is the base package I found for the lowest cost but there are others that come with a target, holster and extra cartridges.

Tasers actually shoot electrodes and attach to assailants to subdue them. They are more powerful and look like firearms so they might cause more of a frightened response just from the sight of them. You can carry these with you but you will need to apply for a permit and follow the rules of your state. *I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice*

The taser allow you to keep distance between you and would be attacker. This means that you need space to use it effectively.

Stun Guns

Stun Guns are more popular since they do not require a permit to carry with you and they are substantially cheaper. You can find a usable stun gun for a little as $9 as opposed to a taser which can cost from $199 to $500. Stun guns are held in your hand and must be used in close range to get contact with an attackers skin. I have linked one below that covers multiple self defense needs and carries quite a shock. This VIPERTEK is a flashlight, stun gun and striking device.  It also has rechargeable batteries and for $14 you can’t beat the value. It’s made of aircraft aluminum and also has a lifetime warranty.

Sometime to brandishing and showing the flash of energy is enough to dissuade an attacker and this one is bright and make a loud sound.

Other stun guns are simply stun guns with no other features and carry the same price tag. I like this one for versatility and durability.

Other Alternatives

There are plenty of self defense alternatives to stun guns and tasers. Different styles of striking devices like these are available. Some can even be custom designed and carried through airports with no problem.

Sminiker Professional Defender Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

Munio Keychain W/Ebook

I hope this gives you a good place to start when it comes to price, pros and cons for tasers and stun guns. As always, the more training you get the better. Self defense is more than a tool. It’s a mindset and requires some training even to pull a weapon like this during a combative situation. You’ll want to have some practice before a situation so you are not scrambling or making stuff up when it comes to this kind of serious danger. I’d like to know your favorite device or a product you own that has proven useful. Stay safe!


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    If me an my baby sis wanted to shoot each other with a stun gun what kind of damage would it do at level of 1 being the highs 10 being the lowest

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