What Does it Take to See Results?

As I do with every class I train, I actually try to teach people something. Whether it is how to pick weights, proper form in punching, the right breathing techniques or how to motivate themselves. Today after having the class do their upper body workout of the day I began thinking of how to explain some tips for seeing real results. I want MA Fitness to be all about seeing results and becoming better. We do not care for you to stay the same. We want to invest in you to make you all you can be.result3

“I believe in training smart.”

I believe in training smart. That’s the first way to set yourself up to see results. You need a knowledge base to draw from and a plan to get you from point A to point B. You should know how long you need to workout everyday to achieve your desired result and the proper intensity of the session. Getting stronger and losing weight are two totally different objectives. If you try to do both it will take longer to do it right. If you focus on one and then the other then you will set yourself up for long term success. The plans for each goal are different in terms of intensity and training length per session. You also need to know what movements to do and for how many sets/repetitions. This knowledge is huge in achieving goals and seeing results.

The next step is having a dedicated workout space. The closer to home or work the better! I always recommend a gym of some kind that is not a part of your house but is close enough to your commute. If it is a part of your house then it needs to be detached or a room that can be locked and is outfitted with the equipment you need to succeed, not what is cheapest, to achieve your goals (This goes back to knowledge). Many times it is much more affordable to get a gym membership and you can have a space away from distractions of kids, cleaning, work, family, etc.  This space is your laboratory for change. Many gyms have TV’s and other distractions. Either find a gym that doesn’t have these distractions or leave the TV off on the cardio equipment and avoid getting lost in the big screens hanging above you.

“This is non-negotiable”

To stay accountable and get the most from your workouts you need a partner. This is non-negotiable. Yes, you can “get by” on your own but you are looking for more than “getting by”, you want results.  Having a partner (That is reliable!) is a key to keeping you accountable and allows for spotting and the occasional banter. A good partner is encouraging and will challenge you to get one more rep or add 5 lbs to the set. They will always be on time because they have the same goal as you do. Set a time everyday that you both agree to and make it happen. Having been a part of athletic teams at the collegiate level I know that having like-minded individuals seeking the same goals around you is indeed priceless.

Romil's Success at MA Fitness

Romil’s Success at MA Fitness

Lastly, you need the right goal or achievement to chase. I always have a long term goal and then several short term goals in relation to what I am focusing on.  So a long term goal may be to get to 145lbs with 12% body fat if you are currently weighing around 180lbs. Your short term goal (knowing that healthy weight loss is 1-2.5lbs per week; meaning you are still eating food and not starving yourself) should be to get down to 170lbs by week 5-6 of my training. Using your knowledge, you would then follow your plan to utilize workouts that promote weight/fat loss. The best for this type of achievement are high intensity cardio workouts supplemented by circuit training for strength.

I hope this helps to orient you a bit better as I briefly went over some of these keys. Always evaluate your routine and get training to make sure you are doing things correctly when it comes to your fitness. We have ACTION 10 week programs ongoing that help teach you about working out and eating right. You can find the next start date here. We also will be launching a new strength training program to teach about how to weight train properly for strength, size and toning. Be on the lookout for that. I hope to see you training consistently and seeing results. Fight for your fitness.

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