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This is the Fitness Challenge for 2020

Have you seen the ads for 6 week challenges and 42 day shreds? Yeah, us too. The asking price is either way too much or there is not enough (or absolutely no) coaching within the challenge duration.

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8 Week Fitness Challenge

The MA Fitness Challenge in St Pete and Pinellas Park, FL has been running since the mid 90s and shows proven results time after time. It includes

  • Fitness Assessments
  • Nutrition coaching (Personalized)
  • Unlimited workouts with a trainer in a class or small group/personal setting
  • Goal setting
  • Daily accountability
  • Weekly check-ins
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Fitness Kickboxing Benefits

Kickboxing is full of complex body movements over 45 minutes of high intensity bag work and strengthening exercises. You will immediately notice effects after 10 days and the long term benefits are even better.

Our coaches have upwards of 10+ years of experience and teach proper form, exercise techniques and proper nutrition. Our knowledge goes far beyond just kickboxing into athletic strength training, fueling, and training for a purpose.

When Can I Start the 8 Week Fitness Challenge?

The best time to start is NOW! There are certain start dates set throughout each month and coach can connect you to the next date. Use the form below to select the right location and an MA Fitness trainer will reach out to set your initial assessment!

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