fat loss and muscle fitness

The Scale is a Lie

So you’ve been working hard all week. You’ve followed your meal plan and you’ve been killing your workouts for the week. Now it’s time for the weekly weigh in. Your excited. Feeling really good about yourself and you step on the scale and your heart drops.

Not only have you NOT lost any weight, but you gained 2 pounds as well.


I’m going to explain to you why the the scale is a flat out lie and can be your worst enemy.


Just because the scale doesn’t move doesn’t mean that your not losing anything. This is where progress pictures are vital to weight loss. When that scale stays still, and you’ve been doing everything that your supposed to do, it just means that your losing body fat while your gaining muscle. If you don’t know, here’s a comparison of what muscle and fat look like side by side.

fat loss and muscle fitness

As you can see, there is a HUGE difference between fat and muscle. The scale doesn’t account for any of that. It just adds everything together in one whole number. Don’t let that number discourage you. The number on the scale may not change but your body composition is.

Progress pictures are a great way to see how much your body is actually changing. You can go a full 3 weeks and lose only one pound. But you can lose a lot of body fat and inches off your weight as well. I usually take progress pictures once a month but doing them every 2 or 3 weeks is probably ideal. Remember, the scale won’t show how many inches you’ve lost or all the unnecessary body fat you lost as well. Just that round number. Don’t get discouraged by that.

You are the only person that knows your body better than anyone else.

Sometimes it is just a “feeling” thing. The scale may not have changed in a few weeks but you may feel more energized that you have ever felt before. You’ve been able to get a good night’s rest and you have enough energy to get through the rest of the day without dealing with a midday or afternoon crash. Go with that feeling. The scale doesn’t know your body like you do.

Remember those pants you have in the closet that you haven’t been able to fit in for years but you keep them just to judge your progress or you love the way they look on you so you haven’t got rid of them just yet? Those pants may fit you again even though the scale says otherwise. Clothes can be a great judgement on how your body is changing. If you notice that your clothes and feeling a bit loose after a few weeks, that body fat is coming right off and your losing inches as well. Keep at it.

Ma fitness weight loss ACTION 10 week challengeSometimes people just want to use the scale as their only reference to the amount of weight that your losing.

Don’t let it be your only way to judge your progress. It is only a number. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Use progress pictures as well as how you feel and how your clothes fit. Also keep in mind the difference between muscle and fat and body composition.

You can still use the scale but don’t put all your eggs in that basket alone. It is only a glimpse of what is happening to your body.

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