The Best 28 Day Fitness Challenge

Don’t let excuses stop you, because you are bigger than them.

Time can’t stop you, because 45 minutes is slightly more than 2% of the time you have in a day.

Don’t let yourself be your biggest obstacle, believe in yourself!

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What is the 28-day challenge? This is how we stay accountable for next month!
● Check in using #MA28day on social media

● Do something active every day for 28 days (walk, run, kickbox, strength train, swim, etc)

● Work out in the gym 2-5x/week (Depending on membership)

● Talk to your accountability partner for support!

kickboxing downtown st pete

Why We Need Accountability

They say that two people are better than one, and that statement is very true when it comes to the gym.

Having a partner that holds you accountable and motivates you (and yes, harasses you when you’ve been missing your classes) can be the determining factor when it comes to whether or not you see results.

Iron sharpens iron so get around people who are striving for their best and you’ll see yourself climb higher.

Kickboxing Downtown St Pete

MA Fitness has been the go to name for kickboxing downtown St Pete since 2010. Try a free class and get hooked!

Total body Kickboxing classes happen Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat

Tuesday and Thursday you’ll find us breaking out the free weights, resistance bands, med balls and hook you on the TRX body weight circuit. These days are so important to seeing the full effects of a full body training program.

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