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Health & Fitness October 2020

We are so excited for the launch of the 1st edition MA Kickboxing Health and Fitness magazine. Each month there are 6 nominees from staff or clients to grace the cover and share their story. Pinellas Park member, Rachael, got to talk to us about how she has to balance her own fitness with being a mom and wife while …

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Fix Your Form: How To Squat

If you come to MA Fitness, you do squats. There’s no getting around it. Nor should you be getting around it, because squats are the best exercise you can do for your lower body. According to What’s Cooking America, squats burn .096 calories per pound, per minute. So if you weigh 150 pounds, multiply that by .096 and wham bam …

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What To Eat After Working Out

Kickboxing class done – cue the insatiable hunger. I don’t know about you, but nothing revs up my appetite quite like cardio. I head home, open the refrigerator and think, “I’ll just heat up these healthy foods I meal prepped because I am a health goddess,” which I do… right before consuming an entire box of granola, 3 oreos, a …

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