Blast fat and get stronger with strength training.

Condition the entire body and build lean, toned muscle mass while strengthening joints and burning fat. MA Fitness strength training classes use a variety of equipment to tone up and get shredded with effective and challenging workouts. No, you don’t have to look like the picture below to train with us 👇 In fact, you can be just deciding to make a serious lifestyle change and still fit right in with classes. All classes are led by a trainer so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. We focus on either UPPER body or LOWER body in a given workout so you can really dial in certain muscle groups during training.

Strength Training aims to attack every muscle in either the upper body or lower body in an effort to tone and build lean muscle mass. Workouts will put your muscle strength, power and endurance to the test.  By incorporating high intensity anaerobic exercises and challenging moves into one routine you will effectively change your body.

It’s strength training that will result in sleek, toned and sexy muscles. Build lean muscle in strength training class, then burn mass calories with a high intensity kickboxing class. MA Fitness has everything you need to achieve great results and bring your fitness to the next level.

We do the heavy lifting for you 💪🏼

By that we mean…we take the guesswork and planning out of your hands and put it in the hands of professionals. Our coaches and trainers will take you through a workout with your body weight, med balls, free weights and dumbells to build

Benefits of Strength Training

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‼ Warning‼  This will make you bulky in all the right places. Women do not need to fear this class you should desire it. With the way we do strength class you body will react and form stronger, tighter muscles but also aide in bone density development.

Age or gender should never be a deterrent. It’s never too late to start- studies show that proper strength improvements are possible at any age. Burning fat and exposing your muscle should always be in the mix and our classes do both.


In short, strength training classes are the real deal and anyone can participate and see results in them. Get started now and take you motivation to the next level.
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