St Pete Health & Fitness Magazine December

When did you begin training with MA Fitness?

This year about 6 months ago

What made you take that action step?

We wanted to find a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the hardest obstacle you have faced or are facing in your fitness journey?

Kristin: it was from an accident two years ago, not being able to workout and overall gaining weight.

Karl: Finding consistency and motivation to go to the gym.

st pete weight loss workout

What makes MA Fitness stand out to you? What keeps you coming back?

The community and challenging workouts. They’re absolutely the best!

What is your most proud moment since training with MAF?

Both of us losing over 10lbs so far, building stamina, gaining flexibility and overall feeling healthy!

Share some love! Provide any shout-outs here for family, trainers or other members

Marissa: thank you being amazing, super motivating, genuine and making us laugh all the time!!

Will: you have been our trainer since day one, literally our first class. From helping us with our jab cross to words of encouragement. Much appreciated!!

Tiffany: always keeping it fun, exciting, and accountable!

Sam: your class is filled with good vibes always.

Members: shoutout to all the members for the warm welcomes, hellos, motivation and friends we have made along the way.

Closing Comments or Additional Statements

MA FITNESS is a non negotiable bill in our house. Meaning no matter how bad/good life can be we will make sure that is paid. There is so much value in the gym, the community, and everything MA is!

Thank you all!

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