MA Fitness - Fight for your fitness! Any age, any fitness level. We coach you and teach form so that you can dominate. Finally reach your fitness goals

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Build & Tone - Get rock solid. The strength classes are modified to help you get more lean muscle activation which burns more calories at rest. Muscles are sexy 😉

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8 Week Fitness Challenge

You want results now? Start training and learning how to eat right with meal prep coaching. You get a fitness coach for 8 weeks and results are guaranteed.

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We believe in free motion. That means there are no machines. Our bodies are the machines that power calorie burn!

Athletic Conditioning

There is an athlete in all of us. When you learn to control your body in space there is nothing you can't do

Group Training

The team training mentality allows you to work at your own pace but stay motivated to excel.

Feel the Burn

Burn 400-800 calories per session depending on ages and body type. We've seen people as much as 20lbs in 5 weeks

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Self Defense

COBRA self defense is a national program that we are able to provide at our studios. Learn anti-abduction, strikes, escapes and ground survival that works in reality

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Personal Training

We not only provide group classes but elite personal training for fitness or self defense

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