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  • Jul 8, 2018


Look no further to get in shape fast! We can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it and see results. With month to month memberships there’s no fear here. Sign up for a month, give it 30 days and tell us how much better you feel!

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Get in the best shape of your life by training like a fighter. If you want to see results do our full training plan which consists of 3-5 workouts/week. You have full flexibility to choose from any classes or times on the schedule across any MA fitness location! Fighters have some of the best physiques, cardio and strength of any athlete. Best of all, anyone can begin taking the classes and work where they are at as they progress. Beginners start everyday! Don’t be hesitant to check out what MA Fitness can offer. COME TO ANY AND ALL Fitness classes including kickboxing, strength training, Bootcamp and special workout events. kickboxing

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