Pinellas Health & Fitness Magazine November 2020

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When did you begin training with MA Fitness?


What made you take that action step?

I needed change. I was living a very unhealthy and unproductive life. I was very unhappy and knew I was only hurting myself.

What’s the hardest obstacle you have faced or are facing in your fitness journey?

Covid 19. I was doing really well with a regular meal plan and work out routine, then covid shut everything down, and it became difficult to maintain my routine.

What makes MA Fitness stand out to you? What keeps you coming back?

The people! We have made this beautiful little gym family for ourselves and they are all amazingly supportive!

What is your most proud moment since training with MAF?

Accomplishing my goals! I have lost 50 lbs with the help of MAF and the best part is that it hasn’t felt like work. This journey with MAF has been fun and exciting.

Share some love! Provide any shout-outs here for family, trainers or other members

Thank you gym family for being beautiful humans! Thank you Bia for encouraging me to try MAF! And a special thank you to my daughter for being a great workout buddy!

Closing Comments or Additional Statements

With hard work, determination, dedication and discipline anything is possible. 

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