✋You need accountability. You struggle with sticking to a plan. Meal prepping and planning meals doesn’t seem to work for you on your own. We get it. We’ve been there. This fitness and health thing is not easy in our society today. We are surrounded by too much stress, a lot of bad advice and not enough time. Personal training steps in and gives you a coach that is on your side, teaches you and cheers you on to success.

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Why Small Group & Personal Training Works

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Studies show us time a time again that having a group class time with an instructor or a personal trainer appointment at set times during your week increases your chances of successfully reaching you goals. When you do it alone those chances decrease by about 70% 😮

With group classes you have motivation, make connections and feel an energy that comes from being a part of a team. In personal training you get so much attention to detail, a little more schedule flexibility and an absolute path to you personal goals.

At MA Fitness we set certain goals with personal training using our 6 week method for fitness and weight loss. There is no quick fix. Pills will mess you up, surgery has benefits but often puts your internal systems under more stress than they need to be handling and the 2-3 week solutions you see out there usually all end up crashing your metabolism and skyrocketing weight gain again after they run their course.

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Time to See Results and the Concept of "Living Well"

6 weeks is perfect amount of time to see amazing results in personal training. Your clothes will start to fit better, the scale will tell a different story and your energy and vitality will increase. In the end it’s all about living better and living well. If you struggle with every physical activity then you are not living well. Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed. You can only do that if you are in decent to excellent physical form.

Now, muscles are sexy and all but you don’t have to look like a fitness model to live well. Some individuals are far from that shape on the fitness journey but you need to have a healthy heart, lung capacity, a strong core and supporting muscles to be active and avoid injury. Living well is not impossible but it takes a mindset that wants to change. The battle is always won in the mind first and then the body follows.

There will be times when you don’t want to train and it’s not fun. Those are the most important days. Good personal training programs do not let you off the hook and hold you account

able each and every time you are scheduled to train.

Personal Training Packages

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Quick Learner

Want to get the basics down for kickboxing and strength? This is great for those who are looking to join the classes but are a hesitant because of the lack of experience. Maybe you just joined but want to get an instructor to look at your punching form and get better at certain ab movements.

Learn better technique for classes with 3 personal sessions, 30 min each —  $99 Register

Strength Training & Toning

 Build a stronger and more fit body using a 3 day/week training method. This structured training is proven to build more lean muscle and tighten up the sagging areas with weighted movements for the lower, upper and abdominal areas. Comes with a fuel plan for promoting lean muscle growth and energy 

Fat Melter & Weight Loss

Combine personal kickboxing, metabolic, and strength training to blast away unwanted fat stores and target specific areas of the body. This is HIIT training for fast results. You will need to follow the nutrition regimen to the letter. We help you with everything and a personalized nutrition plan with meal prep coaching

Elite Self Defense Immersion Training

Self defense is a specific skill set that is much different than fitness and even kickboxing. You can look in the mirror and realize you need to shed a few pounds but you never really think about defending yourself in a scary situation until it’s too late. Get the full COBRA Self Defense Academy training, combat conditioning, higher level kickboxing, graduate and join the COBRA Gold club. T-shirt, certificate, access to COBRA Self Defense College Online and 100’s of videos for review. Personally tailored to fit your schedule and arm you with a self defense skill set.

Ages 18+ Must be completed within 4 weeks. Includes CWP Class. This is for those who want the very best in self defense instruction. 20+ hours of training, unlimited Online College Access and combat conditioning as well — Only 4 spots available each month. Contact us to check availability (727) 392-3198

Kids Self Defense
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