The Best 45 Minutes in Fitness

The best way to get in shape is here. It’s the high intensity, sure to sweat workouts with MA Fitness Kickboxing for Palm harbor, Safety Harbor and Clearwater areas. You’ll find a spacious area with plenty of room for kickboxing, strength training and defense classes.

The workouts are different each and every time so no boring, same old same old. Plus, learning new skills to punch and kick never hurt.

Are you a beginner? No problem. Here’s how it works:

  • You can take a free kickboxing class! Click Here
  • We have gloves to borrow or purchase when you arrive
  • You’ll have one on one instruction with a trainer/instructor before the class kicks off so you’re comfortable with the techniques
  • Then you go through the whole class! You’ll have your own heavy bag space where the instructor you can help you right at your level within the class atmosphere!
  • The whole class is led step by step by a certified coach who’g goal is to get you into the best shape possible!
kickboxing classes pinellas park

Start Crushing calories!

Up to 800 calories/class. Yes, that’s right. It’s been proven time and again that kickboxing burns more calories per minute than any other exercise due to it’s intensity and full body workout concepts

There are also strength training sessions that dial in specific upper body or lower body focuses to chisel an athletic physique. You’ll find medicine ball, dumbbell, bodyweight and resistance band movements all led by an instructor for max results. You usually start seeing results in as little as 1-2 weeks!

We are committed to your success. We connect with you. You are not just a number or a check in code. We actually know your name and will help you right where you are to where you want to be and we know you can get there! So many people have been seeing changes in their body and confidence through kickboxing. Let’s do the same for you!

The best heavy bag Kickboxing and Boxing Workouts
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