Message For St Pete: Move More!

Having an amazing city at our fingertips is great but what good is it if we are not fit to enjoy all it has to offer? Amazing beachfronts, water sports, the Pinellas trail, parks and more are so inviting this time of year but you need to have the energy to go after those things. It all starts in the gym.

I feel so much more energy now! I’m motivated to be active again

Frank, Current 8 Week Challenger at MA Fitness Pinellas Park
ma fitness kickboxing workout

Movement Leads to More Movement

There’s a simple saying our MA Fitness leadership abides by and it’s simply this. “More leads to more”.

We see it all the time. More sitting leads to more sitting and conversely more movement leads to more energy to MOVE. It is a pain when you first force fast burst of movement from your body. You feel sluggish and your body is not responding well but by the end of a 30-40 minute session you feel more limber and responsive. That is blood flow and circulation enlivening your muscles and getting good sweeps of energy from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

The Uphill Battle

Most of our work is done sitting down. It’s something that most people cannot help. By mid afternoon you are getting that sleepy feeling and are starting to pack it in for the day. That’s bad!

You should not be sleepy mid afternoon. That means there is little to no circulation happening and your body is stopping a lot of it’s main functions of metabolism! Try to work in scheduled stair time or 5 minute walks to clear your head and get blood flowing. I guarantee you will be more productive and will have energy to hit that workout later.

Snowball Effect

Once you get the ball rolling though you start to reap the snowball effect of movement. You will gain more energy and have to use it in an outlet somewhere. This gets us outside, accomplishing tasks, working out and taking advantage of all the active living we have been wanting to do.

Are you tired of living without energy? You need to try a free class out with us and our experience coaches soon. Maybe just come in for a free consult to figure the best class or program for you to begin if you are feeling hesitant. The first step is always the hardest but the snowball effect and benefits are WORTH IT!

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