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strength training classesLet’s admit it guys. After marriage, kids and work responsibilities it’s easy to lose focus on our health and wellness. It’s easy to get lazy and plop down on the couch after a long day, down a beer and settle in for the night. The statistics show that men die earlier than women and are developing more health concerns earlier because of the stress that we carry and the lack of regular exercise.

What’s more is that even if you do hit the gym it’s spent looking at who is on the treadmills instead of upping the intensity of your workout. Your body is still in need of physical attention and it’s worth it. Studies show that men who are physically active have better productivity and self image. Here are some of the major issues men face after 30 years: High blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, obesity, heart health issues, artery blockages, low testosterone and muscle atrophy. 

I’ll walk you through how we progress our guys at MA Fitness and if you can’t join us maybe you can replicate it on your own. 

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The Beginner Workout Program

  • 3 Total Body Kickboxing Workouts
  • 21 day Nutrition Plan
  • Skill Development

You should never jump too far in too fast. While the 3 kickboxing classes will challenge you you’ll want to work your way through a month with this intensity and add more later. After 30 days of consistency you’ll be ready to add in some strength training and maybe an upper level class. The nutrition program is not a keto, atkins or all-or-nothing plan. It’s a systematic lifestyle changing program. We’ll need you to limit certain macros like Carbs and fats but we won’t be eliminating them. You’ll learn how to fuel your body which will help testosterone, BP and cholesterol level normalize. 

Intermediate Level

  • men's fitness st pete2 Kickboxing Sessions
  • 2 Strength Related Workouts
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Warrior Workout
    • Spartan Workout
    • Flex 7

Next you’ll want to add in some dedicated strength training. So we’ll add one more session per week and cut an endurance based workout class to make room for 2 strength based workouts. Your muscles should have had some time to adapt to the shock of consistent exercise and your lungs should be able to handle more now. Men can put on more muscle than women and at faster rate. Muscle helps burn more fat at rest and weighted squats is proven to increase testosterone because of the blood flow in the hips. Mobility also starts to play a role in your progress. Our flexibility routine in classes along with the natural extensions in kickboxing help loosen and lengthen tight areas

Elite Training

Not everyone has time for this:
  • 2 Kickboxing
  • 1 Warrior Workout (Extreme Intensity)
  • 2 Strength Training
That’s 5 workouts a week. Full time athletes train about 8-10 times per week so for a working man we consider this elite. If you get to a certain point where you are confident and happy with your progress you can settle into maintenance mode of 3 workouts per week. However, poor eating habits can derail this pretty quick so you’ll want to maintain yourself outside the gym too.    
weight lost year kickboxing


If you’re local to Pinellas County then consider joining us for the next 8 Week Challenge or the 30 Day Starter Package where we can advance your fitness gradually with great results.

Otherwise there are some affordable plans you can download immediately to workout on your own:

  1. The Year One Challenge for Men: Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger Than Ever in 12 Months
  2. Maximus Body
  3. The Fitness Mindset
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