Meghan Lost 24lbs at MA Fitness Using Kickboxing Classes

When did you begin training with MA Fitness?

June 25, 2020

What made you take that action step?

I had issues with high cholesterol, was borderline diabetic and just felt unhealthy, overall.

What’s the hardest obstacle you have faced or are facing in your fitness journey?

Eating healthy! I love food and it’s very difficult to remind myself that I don’t NEED to have that mint chocolate chip milkshake, Frappucino or skillet cookie.

What makes MA Fitness stand out to you? What keeps you coming back?

It’s hard! I had tried running, even ran two half marathons, and did OrangeTheory, to help get me into shape. They both helped, but only a little. MA Fitness is harder than both, but it’s so insanely rewarding knowing that it can be done, if you push yourself! It’s all about pushing your limits and then pushing them again, once you’ve met them and it leaves a path for constant improvement.

What is your most proud moment since training with MAF?

When I realized that I had lost 24 lbs and was over halfway to my weight loss goal! I realized that I was FINALLY making progress.

Share some love! Provide any shout-outs here for family, trainers or other members

I wouldn’t have made it this far without my accountability buddies, Anne Kay, Sabra, Nadine, Marina and Mishel. Just their presence is encouraging and makes me want to push harder. When I miss a class, they will let me know what I missed and let me know that they missed me being there, which means so much to me!

On top of that, having the encouragement of Coaches Gaby, Marissa, Tiffany and Will has been huge! Gaby gives us such a crazy core workout that I reach muscle failure every time, but I know that’s one place where I need it most and it always makes me smile, when she breaks out her dance moves!

Marissa is the Drill Sergeant that always pushes you to do more, because she knows that you can! Tiffany and Will strive to make everyone workout at their top potential and then beyond, will challenge you during bag burnouts and then give you a reassuring fist bump, after every class, to remind you that you survived!

Closing Comments or Additional Statements

I am forever grateful for my MA Fitness family and the success I have had on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, because of them. I was always looking for a fitfam and thought I had found it once before, but it turns out that MA is where I’ve always belonged.

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