Kickboxing, MMA and athletic training is a great way for children to learn how to become skilled in an area and propel them to greater heights physically and mentally. No skills are necessary to start! We have seen some of the most uncoordinated kids come through and leave in complete control. In a fun and comprehensive way, MA Fitness aims to not only improve the physical capabilities of children but also their mental toughness and self defense awareness.

In our ongoing weekly program children learn skills in American boxing and MMA along with reality based self defense. Understand as a parent that knowing kickboxing and MMA is completely different from what a child should do against a grown attacker. We cover both of those with the COBRA Juniors program.

COBRA for Kids teaches effective techniques that kids can use no matter what size they may be and gives parents awareness to help their children avoid situations.

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Kids participate in interactive drills to learn the techniques and are tested to be sure they are on pace to show proficiency in the program. This is unlike any other program for kids. Each child has a chance to achieve recognition and be proud of their accomplishments through progression levels

Kids and Martial Arts Values

We believe in the following attributes and values:

Honor – We expect our students to operate with great respect for the physical techniques they learn. They honor the skills they will gather by using them appropriately when they are needed.

Strength – This is shown in a myriad of ways. Strength is the unlocking of potential that is already inside each student. When you believe the truth about yourself your potential then you find strength to press on.

Integrity – The most valued attribute is integrity. Without a strong moral code even the good things we try to do turn out for the worst. Integrity is understanding the means to an end are just as important as the end itself

Discipline – To excel in life and in sport you need to be consistent and be ready to work hard for your dreams. This is discipline. The reward for being disciplined is accomplishment which always help to build self esteem.

Respect – There will always be a boss, teacher, coach, referee or someone with authority in your life. We want to create good learners, listeners and children who show respect to those in leadership. Respect for others also breeds self respect.

The Way it Works

Each class is structured and unique to challenge kids with coordination drills, kickboxing skills and fitness conditioning. We train in black shorts and black shirt, no shoes.

Our mission is to make kids stronger safer and build confidence!

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Choose 1, 2 or 3 classes per week for different membership tiers. We have gloves available in store as well!

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