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St Pete Gym Supports The Greyson Project At Christmas Time

Local St Pete gym, MA Fitness, is a proud supporter and drop off location for the The Greyson Project. Since 2015 The Greyson Project has been decorat...

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The Best 28 Day Fitness Challenge

Don’t let excuses stop you, because you are bigger than them. Time can’t stop you, because 45 minutes is slightly more than 2% of the time...

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best fitness routine

Really Though..The Best Fitness Routine

Is there truly a workout that is the ” best fitness routine “? With so many options available and marketed in the fitness space today thin...

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Test, Track and Transform Your Fitness : Benchmark Workouts

Last year we introduced Benchmark Workouts into our programming, and it’s something totally new to MA Fitness! We have long wanted to create a way t...

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Meghan Lost 24lbs at MA Fitness Using Kickboxing Classes

When did you begin training with MA Fitness? June 25, 2020 What made you take that action step? I had issues with high cholesterol, was borderline dia...

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$8 Drop In Kickboxing Workouts

Ready to rumble!? MA Fitness is offering $8 drop in kickboxing workouts for select class times throughout January and February to start the new year 2...

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The best heavy bag Kickboxing and Boxing Workouts
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