MA Fitness Instructors

Our instructors are held to a high standard of excellence and professionalism when teaching. They are a part of a true MA Fitness team. Their number one priority is to make that you can grow and see results in a safe, yet challenging environment. You will sweat with them, hurt with them and be pushed to your limits…and you will thank them later. Meet them here!


(Head Instructor)

“Helping everyday people learn skills and see results that will last a lifetime through self defense and kickboxing. That’s what we do”

Fast Dave (Kickboxing/Strength)

“The MA Fitness environment and culture always makes it fun coming back”



Naomi (kickboxing/Strength)

“I love that every class is different, fun and challenging”


Marissa (All fitness classes)

“I tried everything imaginable then I found kickboxing and fell in love”


Rachel (Kickboxing)

“I have trained martial arts for several years and can safely say kickboxing it is the best conditioning for your body”


Nate (Kickboxing/Strength)

“Have fun and get fit, that’s what we do around here”

Dave (Kickboxing)

“Kickboxing changed my lifestyle for the better. My health, mood, everything improved”

Gene (Kickboxing)

“I want to be an inspiration and help others reach their fitness goals”

Katrina (Kickboxing)

“Most of my free time is spent here (taking class or teaching). I just love kickboxing and the team that I’m a part of now!”

Quentin (Kickboxing)

“Two personal philosophies I live by that brought me here are: Surround yourself with those you want to be like and always keep improving”.