pinellas park kickboxing classes

Health & Fitness October 2020

We are so excited for the launch of the 1st edition MA Kickboxing Health and Fitness magazine. Each month there are 6 nominees from staff or clients to grace the cover and share their story. Pinellas Park member, Rachael, got to talk to us about how she has to balance her own fitness with being a mom and wife while working full time. 

pinellas park kickboxing classes

When did you begin training with MA Fitness?


What made you take that action step?

I was tired of being tired…3 kids and a momma with no energy don’t mix!!

What’s the hardest obstacle you have faced or are facing in your fitness journey?

Schedules…mine, my husbands, kids, etc.

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What makes MA Fitness stand out to you? What keeps you coming back?

It’s filled with positivity and good vibes…and sweat too!

What is your most proud moment since training with MAF?

Finishing my first 5k and several mud runs with my niece Michaela ❤️

Share some love! Provide any shout-outs here for family, trainers or other members

Shout-outs could take a long time, but the most important one goes to my hubby for helping make it possible for me to attend classes. He’s the best a girl could ask for ❤️

Closing Comments or Additional Statements

I love this place! It has changed my mind, body and spirit! It’s truly my therapy each week!!

Rachael, her husband Sammy and 2 of her children now attend MA Fitness classes at the Pinellas Park Location

  • Sharon Hayes

    I love the Health and Fitness Magazine. It’s nice to get to know members of our MA Fitness family better ! It also has great information.in it. I look forward to the next edition.

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