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Fix Your Form: How To Throw A Perfect Cross Punch

Stop messing around and throw your cross punch right, okay?! I know that’s pretty aggressive right off the bat, but it’s time to start being aggressive with your cross punch, and here’s how.

Now, if you’re thinking, “this is cool but not for me, because I have a great cross,” that’s cute. Follow it anyway, because there’s always room to improve! You can always hit faster, harder, and better.

I’m going to break it down starting with your feet, because if your foundation is cracked/cracked out, your punch won’t progress.

It all begins with a pivot. Transfer your weight to your front foot, pivoting your back foot so that your toes point straight ahead and your hips are facing the front. It’s a violent twist through if you really want to throw a punch that will actually do some damage, so practice that pivot and pop like it’s the sickest new dance move sweeping the nation. Because if you spent as much time working on your cross punch as you did learning the “In My Feelings” challenge, maybe you’d know how to do it right.

Once you’ve got that pivot down, let’s introduce your hand. Say hello, hand, nice to meet you. Now, make a fist with said hand, extending it from your stance, using that pivot to provide power.

That extension is a straight line, turning your fist over so that your first two knuckles are the point of contact. Not your last two knuckles. Not your first two knuckles vertically. Not the front of your knuckles. Your first two knuckles, horizontal, solid as a rock, which is the shape that your hand should be in if you want to throw a solid punch, and also to beat paper in a rousing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. And if you can’t beat paper, what’s the point?!

Lastly, that lead hand. Where is it? It’s up by your face, of course! That hand that isn’t throwing your punch is up by the face, guarding against whatever is coming at you while you throw your cross.

Let’s run down the checklist:

  • Weight transfers to the front
  • Back foot pivots
  • Hips turn forward
  • Arm extends in a straight line
  • First two knuckles make contact
  • Don’t you dare let that opposite hand drop.

How we doing so far? Give that a few more tries for good measure, because practice makes perfect, or as my high school tennis coach used to say, “perfect practice makes perfect!” There was actually a rumor that he punched a student in the face once, so I think his advice is very applicable when it comes to punching things.

Did this tutorial help? Put these tips to good use in your next kickboxing class- you can even come a few minutes early to practice before the music starts blaring and you start to panic that you haven’t finished putting your wraps on.

Let me know which technique you’d like to work on next!

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