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Elite Self Defense Program

“No. You don’t need 3 years to learn effective self defense”

In fact, you can get extremely valuable and effective training in just about 20 hours. The Elite program trims the fat and fluff off of martial arts training and get you what you need to stay safe and keep your family safe.

The news coverage speaks for itself, covered over 20 times since 2016 by every major channel

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Lead instructor, Matt DiPietro, is spearheading this launch of Elite training to complement the group classes that have been operating since 2002 when COBRA was just getting started. The 5 week academies and one day camps are a great way to get training fast with a group. However, some people want the absolute best. The best training usually requires laser like focus and attention to detail that only personal defense classes can give.

The Elite training program is not for everyone. We pre-screen every individual who wants to go through it and limit it to only 6 people per cycle. If you want the very best then please do not delay. get in touch with Trainer Matt immediately to discuss how COBRA Elite can protect you and your family. There is no price tag on knowing that you are safe and will be.

Why COBRA and What is an Alpha?

We pay so much for car insurance, health insurance, mobile phone insurance even! Yet we hardly ever stop to think about our safety insurance until it is too late, after an attack. If you are being proactive we already consider you an ALPHA protector. Alpha’s come in many shapes, sizes and is not limited to the male gender. It is a mindset and determination that makes you an alpha.

Get training behind that demeanor for better awareness, understanding of criminal intent and the physical fighting skill set to survive an attack. This includes: ground survival, striking, takedowns, escapes, grabs, holds, breakaways, punch defense, weapon disarming and more.

Who can take this course?Teens self defense and kickboxing

The college bound student, security officer, stay at home mom or CEO can take this course and be effective. You DO NOT need to posses outstanding physical talents like speed and power. You just have to have a mindset to learn and learn quickly. We do not take all applicants so we can focus on the clients who want to be there and want to train.

How much time will it take to learn?

Elite Training carries a standard of 20 hours to be completed in 4 weeks or less. Some people take 1 week and choose to immerse themselves in it. Others take the full time period. Why do we say 4 weeks? This is an elite training program with elite instructors. We are serious about getting you self defense trained and 1 session/week for 1 hour is not going to cut it. If you want the best you will have to put in some work. We have found that 4 weeks is adequate time while not putting a person on overload. Some choose to add bonus training blocks to focus in on more advanced material after the completion of the 20 hours.

Get more information about pricing by filling out the contact form or calling (727) 392-3198

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Elite Training includes bonuses totaling over $700
Flexible session training and personal attention to detail
The Full COBRA Gold Curriculum
Student Training manual
Graduation Completion Certificate
Graduate T-Shirt
COBRA Online College Access for Review


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