Consistency in fitness

Jeff and Gloria are in the middle of ACTION  which began on January 17th, 2015. The 10 week course that combines kickboxing, strength training, nutrition plans, fitness testing and more has really changed their way of life. Here are just some of the things they had to say regarding the course and the workouts in general at MA Fitness.

“It definitely is not easy. You know you see all these advertisements on TV or the internet and they say ‘all you have to do is this or that’ and make it seem so easy but the truth is that it is a difficult and trying process. When I first started coming to classes it was a struggle to just attend 3 kickboxing classes each week. My body was broken down and I had to drag myself in but now I see and feel the results. The instructors and people at MA Fitness really helped me stay consistent.”  –Jeff

“After 30 years of sitting at a desk I felt my lower body strength decreasing and I wanted a change. Since joining MA Fitness and the ACTION course I feel like I have regained my youthful vitality. I know it sounds cliché or over the top but I really feel re-energized! I used to drag myself up stairs and now I charge up them.”   –Gloria

At their 5 week evaluation they saw their results improve in all categories even flexibility. They shaved off a minute on their 1.5 mile run and increased in push-ups. They are pleasure to have classes and MA Fitness is glad to have them as spotlight members this month.

Are you looking for a positive lifestyle change? Join the others at MA Fitness who have found out the fun and effective way of working out and feeling like a champ.

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