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COBRA Self Defense Instructor Asked About Pepper Spray

A security and self defense blog Your HomeSecurityWatch.com contacted COBRA Defense at MA Fitness about a product they were reviewing, SABRE Red Pepper Gel.

COBRA Self Defense instructor, Matt DiPietro, weighed in on the overall effective and use of Pepper Spray. You can read the full review and article on their website Blog.

“When it comes to self defence weapons like pepper spray, we encourage users to understand that it may not be enough to stop the threat. Many individuals rely on a single tactic or tool to feel safe when a more comprehensive option is best. There is no harm in arming yourself with pepper spray but you must know how it works, have it easily accessible, and be able to deploy it effectively like any other weapon.”

– Matt DiPietro, COBRA Instructor

COBRA defense training is based in real world tactics from former law enforcement experience. Be sure to arm yourself with knowledge, skills and effective training. You can see more about COBRA Self Defense at www.selfdefensestpete.com

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