COBRA Active Shooter Response Plan

COBRA Active Shooter Response Plan

WFLA news segment on our COBRA Active shooter Response Plan Workshop


In response to the latest mass shootings, MA Fitness, a fitness kickboxing and cross training facility located in St Petersburg, Florida offered a FREE COBRA Defense Active Shooter Response Plan workshop to prepare for, respond to and to learn ways to survive an active shooter situation


Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times

“You turn on the news, and you hear about it again and again,” instructor Matt DiPietro says. “It’s always in peoples’ faces, so they have questions about it, they want information.”

As founder of the class and its national parent company, COBRA Self-Defense Systems, Sutton says he believes every person — regardless of age, sex, size and strength — needs to know how to be their own first responder. He started teaching COBRA, or Combat Objective Battle Ready Applications, in the early 2000s but over the past several weeks has offered it for free because so many locals called looking for the training.

Story Featured at the Tampa Bay Times

“The reality is, mass shootings are happening. The reality is it will happen again. The reality is we need change.”


At this point there’s nothing more important than being prepared. There is nothing more important than knowing your own strength. In a world of ‘I could of,’ ‘I should of,’ ‘I wish I did this or that.” Let’s pause, let’s evaluate and let’s be smart. Let us have an honest conversation to maybe save a life for the next…

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