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Fix Your Form: How To Throw A Perfect Cross Punch

Stop messing around and throw your cross punch right, okay?! I know that’s pretty aggressive right off the bat, but it’s time to start being aggressive with your cross punch, and here’s how. Now, if you’re thinking, “this is cool but not for me, because I have a great cross,” that’s cute. Follow it anyway, because there’s always room to …

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The Often Overlooked Fitness Principle

My coaches always used to say “visualize doing X” it could be making a tackle, shooting a shot, moving to position, etc. I always thought it was BS but now I realize that the mind and the body share a synergy that cannot be denied. I’ve seen so many people fail before they start because they never actually visualized themselves …

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Elite Self Defense Program

“No. You don’t need 3 years to learn effective self defense” In fact, you can get extremely valuable and effective training in just about 20 hours. The Elite program trims the fat and fluff off of martial arts training and get you what you need to stay safe and keep your family safe. The news coverage speaks for itself, covered …

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Free Fitness Kickboxing Workout

Memorial Day Workout! Join us at any location for a free, family friendly kickboxing workout! Register for a free class HERE MA Fitness offers an effective, fun and exciting cardio kickboxing workout that burns fat while strengthening the entire body! Learn effective self defense through the COBRA programs as well. We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth in Pinellas county and are referred …

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