Are You Just Another Number? How to Look at the Weight Scale

Picture this: one day missed working out turns into a week, one day of eating poorly turns into a regular habit, and before you know it, despite just having taken a pee worthy of holding through four of the seven (eight if you want to get technical on me) Harry Potter movies while drinking three extra-large sodas, you are still screaming at the number being displayed on the scale. So, you enjoyed life more than you expected to and put that, “body of your dreams”, on the back burner for a little while longer. Now, you are in full-blown panic mode over that number, causing you to hate anything and everything that crosses your path, including the idea of your neighbor’s cousin’s cat that ran away six years ago. Well, I have but just one question for you: WHY?!?!?


Does this number define and label who you are as an individual? Are you no longer the name your parents bestowed upon you, but now rather referred to as 133, 156, 181, 208, 227, or so on and so forth? What is so significant about the number on a scale, or losing “x” amount of pounds, for that matter, anyway? Unless you are competing in a weight-division event/sport requiring you to reside within a certain range, why is being at a certain number so detrimental to your self-satisfaction or the light in which you view yourself?
The fact of the matter is that it is not. Think about it! When you look in the mirror or at a picture of yourself at a given time period, do you honestly think, “*insert weight here*, and *insert weight here*, SOLELY, is what does not look good”? Of course you do not! You tend to focus more on the image itself, or the body composition, if you will, and how you feel/felt as an individual residing within that composition. These aspects- the way you look and the way you feel- are the very aspects you need to grasp the concept of, and pay far more attention to, rather than the numerical value on a man-made device. Failure in doing so leaves you susceptible to falling prey to the lie that your happiness resides within a specific number. My reasoning behind that statement is simply because that number, regardless of whether or not you realize it, is constantly changing on a daily basis, and even periodically through the course of the day (I, personally, when on my typical meal regime, will have a weight difference of anywhere between 2-5 pounds from morning to evening)!

Not only is the weight of a human body changing daily, but there are also  numerous  factors, aside from over-doing it on a weekend night out to eat  and/or at a bar, that will  contribute towards this constant change.  Amongst  these factors, the time of day in  which you weigh yourself in  accordance with  how many meals you have had,  carbohydrate intake,  water retention, sodium  levels, and rebounds from specific diets  are the  biggest contributors towards a  fluctuating weight, with all having some  sort of  correlation to one another. So,  for the everyday individual or  someone new to fitness  and eating ‘healthy’, that  is quite a bit of ground  to keep track and stay on top of on a  24/7 basis. In  addition to the  aforementioned, even something as seemingly indirect as  stress  and  cortisol levels can have a significant impact on our body’s ability to  manage  weight. With that being said, if you are not happy with the way your body  currently is,  the last thing you should do is stress over it because it is only  going to make matters worse!

My take home message for all of you is simply this: go by how you look and how you feel. Unless you are a weight division athlete, your body weight is nothing more than a measly number. Time and time again I have seen people lose the, “pounds”, they talked about, only to end up looking worse/more unhealthy than they did in the first place, in addition to feeling absolutely drained. You can look great and fit at just about (just about) any weight. It is all about understanding how your body works and reacts to certain things, and merely shifting that weight to the proper places. Sure, weight loss might be an aspect included along the way, but strictly designating that journey to reaching a specific number or losing “x” amount of pounds is, quite frankly, absurd. Well, that about wraps it all up for now. From all of us here at MA Fitness, thanks for reading, and remember to always Fight for your Fitness!


Photo by Ambro http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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