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Inside the 8 Week ACTION Challenge


With this 8 week program, you’ll never have to be on your own. The key to achieving fitness results is having people to work with and keep you accountable, as well as trained fitness professionals to help you as you go. You’re not alone in your fitness journey- your ACTION group and coaches will be working right along with you.


Get your heart rate up with kickboxing classes that will torch calories and shed fat. These cardio workouts are high intensity and will push you to achieve your weight loss goal. Incorporating these cardio workouts into your weekly routine will break through any plateau.


Tone, tighten and make gains with strength training. Included with the ACTION program is a full manual with detailed instructions on how to perform a wide variety of strengthening exercises with proper form. We’ll give you full strength workouts for each week that will turn your body into a fat burning machine.


Your ACTION coach will be there for you every day during these 8 weeks. Whether you have a question about exercise or nutrition, or you just need someone to motivate you to wake up for that early class, your coaches and instructors will be there to do it.


You may have heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” With ACTION, the planning is done for you. Take advantage of our fully developed workout and nutrition plans that take the guesswork out of losing weight and guarantee success.


The biggest block and the key to weight loss. Fueling your body with wholesome, nutritious food that it needs to perform during workouts and keep you going throughout the day can be an impossible task without proper guidance. With the ACTION nutrition plan, eat delicious meals that are sure to satisfy while promoting fat loss and teaching you how to make healthy eating a lifestyle. We do not promote keto, atkins or other crash, fad dieting. We have a balanced approach to eating healthy that involves the proper amount of all macro nutrients: carbs, protein and fat. Each play a vital part in our bodies metabolism, health and muscle recovery.


How confident are we in the program? We guarantee that if you stick  with this program, you’ll see incredible results. If you complete the  program and are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money  back. So many people of different shapes, sizes and fitness levels have  come through kickboxing and emerged better. They have greater mobility, self esteem, confidence in their appearance and even a skill  set to show for their hard work. We are confident you will be able to  say the same.

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Motivation is the key to success in fitness. But how do you stay motivated? The answer is accountability and personalized coaching from people who have completed the 8 week course and achieved remarkable results. Personal evaluations establish your current fitness level in week 1 so that you can keep track of your progress over the 8 weeks. Combining fitness kickboxing, strength training and a comprehensive nutritional plan we make it easy to lose weight and see results. We recommend those who take the Action Course to supplement their tracking with certain recommended apps that can assist you. We take the time to explain EVERYTHING so don’t worry about us glossing over you with a broad fitness brush.

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Kickboxing has become a a widely recognized form of exercise for its great benefits and practically non-existent injury rate. Because of this, many fitness institutions have added kickboxing to their class lists. What sets MA Fitness apart is that we specialize in kickboxing. It is not an add-on or something to boost sales. It is who we are and what we do. We will always perform proper technique and all instructors are taught to give out quality workouts each time that will leave you feeling like your trip to our facility was worth your while.

The  kickboxing class is 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training and cardio endurance. Burn fat with the kickboxing classes and torch up to 800 calories per class – twice the rate of running or cycling. Re-think what it means to strength train with our innovative strength classes. Stop going to a gym and guessing at what to do. Join a class and structure that has proven results for over 15 years. It’s the cure for the common workout.


All instructors are specially trained and certified to teach proper Kickboxing and Strength training technique. Finish the program, get the body you have always wanted, and learn how to kick butt. Our coaches will give you all the guidance and support you need to get maximum results. You are not doing it alone—you will always have your teammates and coaches motivating, guiding and pushing you to be your very best.

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