2021 Best Heavy Bag Kickboxing Classes

2020 brought a lot of challenges but the staff at MA Fitness decided it was a unique opportunity. An opportunity to grow and evolve but also a stark reminder that the foundational idea of MA Fitness is more than a gym studio that provides kickboxing, strength training and COBRA self defense. It is a community of people dedicated to each other. The benefits of working out with a team of people like this goes beyond physical results.

best heavy bag kickboxing classes

The Florida Leadership Team Welcomes Kierra

Message from ownership

“MA Fitness continues to evolve and grow in ways we could have never imagined when we started it 10 years ago. We have always been quick to adapt, pouring our heart and soul into each program, class and offering. 2020 reinforced the mantra that this is a “we” and “us” thing way more than it is a “ME” thing. MA Fitness could never survive without dedicated longtime professionals on the team like Marissa and new team additions like Kierra (Pinellas Park) and Amanda (Loveland, CO). There is a passion and authenticity within our organization that I think is unrivaled in the industry and that’s what separates us. We truly believe in helping people first and it is clearly modeled in our leadership team. I also want to personally thank the clients who stuck with us during everything in 2020 and those who joined since then. The future in 2021 looks bright”

Matt DiPietro, COO
Dave Stickler, CEO

Heavy bag kickboxing fitness
FL leadership team left to right: Marissa, Matt, Kierra

Marissa – Vice President (St Pete)

“MA Fitness gave me a purpose in 2020 and showed me how much what we do really means to people. I grew deeper connections with all of the amazing members as we supported each other through home workouts, voting contests, and tough workouts that kept us sane this year. In 2021, I can’t wait to see how everyone achieves their goals and prioritizes their fitness, because I know that no matter what, we’ll be there for each other!” -Marissa

Kierra – Location Manager (Pinellas Park)

“I am most thankful for the opportunity to work and train at MA Fitness, ending 2020 on an amazing note! Going into 2021, I am most thankful for having a body that allows me to continue training at both at MA Fitness and lifting weights. I am extremely thankful to be stepping into a leadership role with co-workers who can help guide me and aid in my growth professionally and athletically.” – Kierra

Amanda – Location Manager (Loveland, Colorado)

“I am most thankful for MA Fitness helping me keep my fitness on track even during the pandemic and that I got to become an instructor in 2020. As for 2021? I am SO excited to become the manager of our Loveland location!” – Amanda

Amanda is the new Loveland, CO location manager

New Year Resolutions

#1 is to keep doing what we are doing. There is a reason we have lasted over 10 years as a small business. There are always going to be ways to improve but we will always put people first, provide the intense workouts and stay consistent day in and day out.

The MA Fitness team aims to enhance the online coaching and at home workout services in the new year. The amount of people needing to workout from home and have a quality option is growing. There is a lot out there to choose from when working out at home. In our opinion it is lacking a bit in intensity and authenticity. We know the MA Fitness kickboxing training works and are fine tuning how it can be just as effective at home. See some of our latests videos on Youtube HERE!

The ability to get the proper gear for this at home is important too so we have partnered with Century Martial Arts to provide a full store of the required equipment right on our website! You can see and shop there right from your home and get the gear shipped straight to you!

In addition, we have partnered with Driven Nutrition for a full line of supplements we trust! You can order through the site using this link to get the best protein, vegetarian options, vitamins and more.

You will also see more “Benchmark Workouts” this year to test your endurance and strength against the clock with movements we regularly practice in classes. We aim to host these once a quarter and you won’t want to miss them!

Don’t forget about starting the year off right with the Fresh Start Fitness Challenge too. See the event on Facebook or Eventbrite. Kick off is January 23rd with the first fitness evaluation.

pinellas park kickboxing classes

The Best Heavy Bag Kickboxing Classes

These will always continue. Our signature 45 minute class is a staple of training that martial arts athletes all over the world stand by. It’s one of the most intense forms of HIIT training but we have made it accessible to any fitness level. You do not need any experience to begin training and our coaches do an awesome job of teaching effective skills so you can punch and kick with authority while staying safe.

Try a free class today and start fighting for your fitness!

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