stun gun or taser deals

What to Buy: Taser or Stun Gun?

So you’ve been considering a weapon for self defense but you don’t feel comfortable with a gun. Tasers and stun guns are a great non-lethal option for those with safety concerns. There are significant differences in both weapons so you will need to know what expect and look for in a product. There are a ton of options out there …

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transformation challenge weight loss

Fix Your Form: How To Squat

If you come to MA Fitness, you do squats. There’s no getting around it. Nor should you be getting around it, because squats are the best exercise you can do for your lower body. According to What’s Cooking America, squats burn .096 calories per pound, per minute. So if you weigh 150 pounds, multiply that by .096 and wham bam …

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Fix Your Form: How To Do a Pistol Squat

You all know I love my fitness tricks, and the pistol squat was the very first one I learned. Oh, the memories. It looks like one of those impossible feats, but it’s just like anything else – you work your way up. Nobody just does a perfect pistol squat right off the bat. I mean, except me. I need to …

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What Kind Of Gloves Should You Use?

You know those infamous words that let you know it’s time to get down to business: “GLOVE IT UP.” So we get on our gloves, and we get to work. But before we do, let’s talk about those gloves you’re putting on those lil paws of yours. Of course, it all begins with proper form (read: how to throw a …

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