• Is your teen overweight? Depressed? Suffering from a low self-esteem?

    Are they already in a sport but want to supplement their offseason training?

    We can help! During orientation we will evaluate your child’s fitness level and nutrition habits. With this program we will help teens and their parents to understand what it takes to see success in health and fitness. We will provide you with tools to help your teen change.

    St Pete and the greater Tampa Bay area, along with the USA as a whole have been battling against the rise of obesity and sedentary lifestyles for the last 20 years. The estimates of health related risks continues to rise and many programs are now offering solutions to the crisis in many different ways. MA Fitness believes in connecting with and motivating clients of all ages by teaching skills and promoting fitness in creative ways to combat the epidemic that faces our generation. #MAteens #fight4yourfitness #mafitness

    The teenage years are so formative as they create fitness anchors for the rest of their life. Their bodies will be adjusted now to movement patterns and activity levels that they will maintain for years to come. The good news is that most teens are a blank slate and much easier to teach than adults! The old saying “You can’t teach a dog new tricks” is definitely applicable as adults have already cemented years of activity patterns and metabolic function that are much more difficult to break.

    The best part is that the fitness classes won’t break your bank! Membership plans as low as $49/mo!


    Unlimited Registration and the first month is only $125 Includes gloves, wraps, orientation/consultation, 1 month unlimited training in classes, personal coaching.  Additional nutrition plans and more are also available! AGES 12-18


    Call us for more info (727) 392 – 3198. We’d love to take a few minutes to talk about what you may be facing and offer some advice. Join our Facebook community to promote awareness of this program and help others!


    Using the best technology and innovative training methods for teens we are confident that your teenager will see amazing results if they stick with the program. We offer heart rate training and other tracking methods to visually engage them in their fitness. We make it fun to workout! We recommend that they consistently train for a minimum of 6 weeks to start seeing results.

    How Teens Fit in Classes

    We treat youth and teen like the young adults that they are. They easily take part in our classes with adults and work along side others during the sessions to see success and feel great. We have separate classes for ages under 12 but have found great fits for youth and teens in the regular classes. They have their own heavy bag and space within the class to learn and grow.


    Because we understand the financial burden as parents ourselves we have created a monthly fee system that allows you flexibility and awards credits and incentives to your teen based on their consistency. They can earn movie tickets, vouchers for restaurants, even passes to Busch Gardens, Fitbits and more!

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