COBRA Conditioning


Self Defense Class for teensClasses involves mitt work, knees, elbows, ground & pound, and other COBRA self defense conditioning drills to take your workout up a notch all while learning empowering skills.


Doing combination work in kickboxing gives the sport feel while the reality based effectiveness of COBRA is maintained. This is an offshoot of COBRA Fighting system which is a continuation of the COBRA self defense academy program. You can read more about COBRA here.


This class is built for ages 13+. Teens should not be afraid to take this class for fear of extreme contact. Sparring is a separate class. If you wish to learn how to spar we will teach you that. COBRA conditioning is all about learning, drilling and getting comfortable with reality self defense. There will be periods of high intensity workout type training and slower technique based training for maximum effectiveness.

Teens self defense and kickboxing

Become Empowered

The group classes encourage learning together and finding confidence in yourself as an individual. We have seen this natural evolution in all of our clients from the youngest to the oldest. This is not a “tough guy” mentality type of class. Instructors are not out to prove their dominance but instead be teachers and make sure you are grasping the techniques with proficient skill. You can register for a free class any time or simply come watch one in action. Here’s the schedule for St. Pete and then also for Pinellas Park

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