Kids learn a lot of things in their formative years but nothing is as important as learning hard work, self control, determination and respect. Kickboxing and athletic training is a great way for children to learn how to become skilled in an area and propel them to greater heights. In a fun and comprehensive way, MA Fitness aims to not only improve the physical capabilities of children but also their mental kickboxing fitness martial artsPlease see our location schedules for ongoing classes.

June 2nd Kids Self Defense Camp 


Or our teen fitness challenge program is also available

kidscobraIn our ongoing monthly programs children learn skills in American boxing and MMA along with reality based self defense. Understand as a parent that knowing kickboxing and MMA is completely different from what a child should do against a grown attacker. We teach both sport and reality based self defense. Always know that the 2 are entirely different things! In real life there are no rules, referees, weight classes, winners or losers. COBRA for Kids teaches effective techniques that kids can use no matter what size they may be and gives parents awareness to help their children avoid situations.

Kids participate in interactive drills to learn the techniques and are tested to be sure they are on pace to show proficiency in the program. This is unlike any other program for kids. They will be shown that other kids are achieving and they can achieve the same!

Matt DiPietro


Kids and Teaching Contact Sports

Kickboxing and MMA are contact sports that require a certain mental and physical constitution to excel in. Please consult with our staff to see if your child is suited for learning such skills. The program allows for children to learn at their own pace. If they are highly motivated they will be graduated to more technical skills quickly. The main values we want to instill in children through our course are as follows:

Consistency and Hard Work – To excel in life and in sport you need to be consistent and be ready to work hard for your dreams. Feeling accomplishment will always help to build self esteem.

Respect and Listening Skills – There will always be a boss, teacher, coach, referee or someone with authority in your life. We want to create good learners, listeners and children who show respect to those in leadership. Respect for others also breeds self respect.

Check with us for the next available Kickboxing or Self Defense camp! We also have a class every Thursday at 5pm for those looking to make it a part of their weekly schedule.