Kickboxing Classes

The MOST Effective 45 Minutes in Fitness for Men and Women!

Burns More Calories!


Most fitness centers that teach fitness kickboxing classes are doing more of an aerobics-styled class with punches and kicks. The participants are not hitting anything but the air.

All of our kickboxing classes are done on a heavy bag to add that resistance. Kickboxing on a heavy bag is one of the best exercises you can perform. It burns more calories per hour than practically any other aerobic activity. When you’re hitting the heavy bag, you’re getting the resistance of the bag.  Anyone who has hit a heavy bag for an extended period of time knows how fatigued his or her muscles can get!

MA Fitness kickboxing class is a 45-minute class that begins with a warm up of jumping jacks or jumping rope, followed by shadow fighting and dynamic standing stretches. You then put your gloves on and head to your heavy bag and the fun ensues . The class ends with a round of Abs and pushups and cool down static stretches.

This class structure allows you to maintain a target heart rate and burn the maximum amount of calories over an extended period of time, just like if you were running or cycling. The activity of punching and kicking the bag can be done at a pace that gives you the same health benefits of any other aerobic activity.

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What our clients are saying …

  • This is not your standard class at the gym – they implement different workouts for different muscle group and it is always a fun challenge.

    Irina Hughes

    You guys are awesome. Haven’t worked out this hard since I had a personal trainer. I love it.

    Liz Pollak
  • If you’re looking to intensify and change up your workout, definitely join in on the kickboxing class. It is a love/hate relationship but so great!

    Kayla Gehringer

    Amazing workout. You will feel the burn.

    Brandon Rader
  • Best and safest workout I have ever experienced!

    Pam Brauer

    Best workout in Pinellas county!

    Dave Venier

Kickboxing Levels

Once you get started MA Fitness offers three levels of kickboxing so that you can see progression and keep challenging yourself with new things:

KickboxingLevel 1 — A standard 45 minute class that anyone can workout in. We use the term “self paced” because everyone has their own heavy bag and can work according to their fitness level as the instructor leads the class. If you ever need to to take a break you can but jump right back out there and keep battling! The class is great for beginner and intermediate fitness levels. If you are looking for a fast quick hitting workout then this is the one.

Level 2 — Also known as “Warrior Workout” this class is not for the faint at heart. This class will push you to your limit with its combination of kickboxing and strength training. The frenetic pace and relentless tempo is best suited for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. We recommend you conquer Level 1 workouts before attempting this class. The advanced fitness moves and combinations require a strong base in the basics of what we do at MA Fitness.

Level 3 — Want to get even more hands on in kickboxing? This sparring class called “Combat Kickboxing” is designed to teach you more in depth techniques of fighting (sport) and put you in a position to spar against other participants with protective sparring gear in a controlled environment. These classes are normally run in 6-week sessions and you must have at least 3 months of kickboxing experience with MA Fitness before you can take part in the course.

  • Kickboxing

  • Kickboxing Health Benefits

    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Reduce Stress
    • Decrease Standing Heart Rate
    • Improve Cardiovascular Health
    • Beat Type 2 Diabetes
    • Lose Weight
    • Build Muscle
    • Feel and Look Younger

    The kickboxing class has all the health benefits of any other aerobic training class, plus much more. Because of the kickboxing, the classes not only give you a great cardio workout but also develop body coordination, flexibility, balance, focus and self-defense. These are just a few of the added benefits of fitness kickboxing. Plus, kickboxing can be a great stress reliever because you can take out your daily frustrations on the heavy bag.

faqsKickboxing FAQs

I have no experience in kickboxing can I still take classes?

Yes, we will teach you everything you need to know including punches, kicks, and exercise techniques.

How long are the classes?

Most classes are 45 minutes long. Upper level classes and specialty classes normally last 1 hour in duration.

Do I need a lot of equipment?

No, the only necessary equipment is boxing gloves although hand wraps are very recommended. The great part is that we have all of that provided in our kickboxing school and will show you how to properly use your gloves and wraps. All other exercise equipment is provided.

What should I wear to a class? Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, these classes are not traditional martial arts classes. They are fun, filled with energy and designed to make you sweat. So wear comfortable workout attire that you won’t mind getting sweaty in.

I’m really interested but I’ve never done kickboxing and am not sure if it’s something I would like. Is there a class available that I can try out to see if I like it?

Every new student/member is entitled to a free class. Get registered for one here!

I’m more interested in self defense. Should I sign up for kickboxing or the C.O.B.R.A 10 Week Academy?

Kickboxing will get you in shape but the C.O.B.R.A 10 Week Academy is the best option for learning self defense. It is a program designed for everyone, regardless of skill level or fitness level to learn from. Limited Time Offer: Sign up for the C.O.B.R.A course and train for FREE in the kickboxing classes over the course of the 10 Week Academy! Sign up Here!

Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate in the kickboxing classes?

The fitness classes are designed for adults so the recommended ages are 14+. However, we do offer martial arts programs for ages 4-15 at our Seminole location.

I have bad knees and back problems. Will I be able to take these classes or are they too strenuous?

We have many people that are battling certain physical ailments in our classes. Kickboxing is a very low impact exercise which means that it does not put the stress on your joints like other cardiovascular exercises such as running. We stress that the classes are “Self Paced” meaning that if you ever need to take a break during class or substitute a technique for one that feels too painful you can do it. If you let us know some issues ahead of time we can even prepare to give you alternative exercises in class. The best thing to do is try a free class to see how your body responds because everyone is different. Sign up for a FREE Class here!